Invisible Addiction Presentation Materials


 Invisible Addiction is a public awareness presentation regarding GHB addiction and the difficult and prolonged withdrawal syndrome involved.  So many addicts struggle to find informed medical detox help.  It’s a very troubling and frustrating situation since so few treatment centers or ERs know about GHB addiction.  This presentation was initiated when a GHB addict said he wanted to tell his story to promote awareness but needed a place to start.  

This 50+ slide presentation covers some basic info about GHB, solid info about recognizing GHB addiction, how it starts and what is needed to escape from it.  This is perfect for any addict to present in a recovery group or for counselors, nurses or doctors or whomever to present to medical/counseling staff, substance abuse community groups, etc.  It does NOT go into detail about medical detox treatment (specific drugs, doses, etc.) as that would be inappropriate.  It is detailed enough however to get across the essence of what is needed, that GHB withdrawal involves 10-14 days (not the usual 3-5 days), and that there are two basic protocols that work with GHB.  

Protocol information and contact info for facilities or doctors experienced re GHB withdrawal are available from Project GHB.  For just $12 (postage included) you can use this in presentations OR you can donate it to a local facility and meanwhile help us spread the word.  We need your support!  Donations are tough to come by in these tight economic times, so this is a great way to help us AND do something good.  Just $12 will help us a lot.  Basic handout material is also on the CD. 

This is a downloadable product. You will be prompted to download a zip file including all materials after purchase.


ghb addiction materials

I'm a Public Health grad student specializing in substance abuse and addiction. We are currently analyzing GHB misuse and addiction - I plan on showing my professor this page as he may be interested in these presentation materials.