Recognizing GHB, MDMA & Ketamine


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Recognizing GHB, MDMA & Ketamine & drug paraphernalia has just become easier thanks to an all-new PowerPoint Presentation.

Some things you'll learn:

Recognizing GHB, So Many Names… There are more than 80 known names, What To Expect, Typical Drinks To Hide GHB, Typical GHB Containers, Recognizing Containers, The Not-So-Obvious, What is an “analog? Analogs of GHB, Efforts to Avoid Detection, This is what GHB & GBL do to styrofoam……Still want to drink it? Recognizing MDMA AKA: Ecstasy, X, E; MDMA—How It Looks, Drug Paraphernalia, More “Eye Candy”, Why Face Masks & Vicks? MDMA Packaging, It’s About Sensation, De-coding the Flyer Messages, Ketamine Special K—Not So Special, Recognizing Ketamine, Special K Paraphernalia, Another Indicator, Keeping Things In Perspective

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