By Trinka Porrata, Project GHB President

On March 29, the six committees of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration will be meeting at the same time.  While it may or may not get on their agenda now, this would be a great time for everyone to submit letters to SAMHSA stressing the need for education of addiction, mental health and emergency professionals about the recognition and proper MEDICAL treatment for GHB addiction.  Project GHB’s letter to SAMHSA would be greatly enhanced by a pile of other letters to go along with it!   

Project GHB  continues to get a steady stream of addiction help requests and continues to find a horrific lack of recognition and proper MEDICAL response.  GHB addiction requires MEDICAL intervention, NOT a “cold turkey” approach as is so common with most other drugs.  Alcohol, benzodiazepine drugs (such as Ativan, Valium, Halcion, Xanax, etc.) and GHB are the drugs with potentially fatal withdrawal syndromes.  And GHB’s withdrawal is more prolonged and more severe.  Yet, very, very, very, very few treatment centers or ERs understand that.  GHB addicts are constantly kissed off, laughed at, accused of “just wanting more drugs,” and so on when they ask about medical detox.  Some are being told, from Texas to the UK, “Oh, GHB, that’s just Liquid Ecstasy, so that’s just a stimulant, so there’s no withdrawal from that.  Just stop taking it.”

What a pathetic lack of proper information!  “Liquid Ecstasy” is just a street name and in no way demonstrates that GHB is scientifically related to MDMA (commonly called Ecstasy).  It is not related to MDMA and GHB is not a stimulant.  With all the technology we have today, we continue to be dumb as rocks about important information.  Technology is hopeless geared to giving teenagers faster, bigger, “badder” Ipods and Iphones and other crap that really doesn’t matter in the end.  Meanwhile, it is NOT a CSI world and law enforcement struggles with ancient technology (NOT what you see on TV) and valid information is tough to get spread to the medical and law enforcement professions.  This lack of information is life changing…….and life endangering.

I urge everyone to write a letter to SAMHSA either with a personal story or just with the information that GHB addiction is a serious issue that requires a medical detox and yet it isn’t adequately being addressed.  SAMHSA published a document about GHB addiction years ago but it seems to be sitting in their publications warehouse and hasn’t gotten down to the roots---ERs, treatment facilities, counselors, etc.  Urge them to address the issue again!!!!!  Your letter can be long or short---It doesn’t matter.  Just please do it NOW! 


Attn Substance Abuse Treatment National Advisory Council

1 Choke Cherry Road

Rockville, MD 20857

If you can’t do it in time for the upcoming meeting, you can still do it.  If after March 29, perhaps it would be ideal to address it to the attention of SAMHSA Administrator Pamela Hyde (same address as above) rather than to the Committee. 

Click here for a template letter you can use or edit as you desire.

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We have a new Power Point presentation that anyone can utilize to bring about community awareness regarding drug-facilitated sexual assault.  A number of drug rape victims/survivors have asked how they can go public and help warn others.  I put this together to give them something to work from, covering the basics about DFSA, prevention tips, what to do if it happens, etc.    There is a slide “I’d like to tell you a story” that can be used to tell the incident they have experienced or for a counselor, cop, nurse, doctor, etc., to use to tell about cases they’ve handled, or that slide can be skipped.  It’s just $12, postage included. 

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so this is a great time to get this CD out there. 

The presentation has the same title and follows along the theme of our handout “I Just Can’t Remember…..” that is available for download on our website.  (Include link to it here please) That handout and a few other things are included on the PP CD for use as handouts or background material.

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G’d Up 24/7:  The GHB Addiction Guide---Donate by Buying it & Help Spread The Word

GHB addicts continue to face a wall of lack of knowledge about GHB addiction and its severe withdrawal syndrome and a sad reluctance to even listen in all too many cases.  But we are making some headway!

In Canada a young lady addicted to GHB sought help at numerous facilities in her community.  None of them had a clue or were willing to listen or read our documents.  She ended up going to Vancouver to be with relatives and seek help there.  She approached Burnaby Hospital in the Vancouver area with our documents in hand; ironically they already had the info from us on their computer!!!  We had given the info to numerous GHB addicts in the area but had no idea where they had gone for treatment, as we often don’t hear further from them.  Fortunately someone had gone there and someone had listened!!! 

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GHB Addiction Awareness Power Point Presentation CD

It will be available very soon!!!  A Power Point presentation CD that will be great for recovering addicts, family members or professionals to utilize to bring about awareness to the issue of GHB addiction, its serious withdrawal syndrome and the need for MEDICAL treatment (NOT a “cold turkey” response).  We have struggled long and hard to get the word to medical facilities/professionals but it remains a huge problem.