About Us

The purpose of this site is:

To Save Lives!

Help or hype? Sensationalism or common sense?

This website began as an educational endeavor by Ken and Anya Shortridge. They are loving parents and concerned members of society.  They did NOT create this website as a political statement, or for putting down the testing of any substance as regards to its potential medical benefit. They felt it was better left to others to make these decisions.

This GHB website started out as a quick project with the sole purpose of getting some truth about GHB on the Internet. In doing their original searches for GHB on the Internet, the Shortridges found that most websites advocate its use, etc. Some Internet pages about GHB have seemingly educated reports about GHB. They offer recipes, kits for sale, and tips for "safe" experiences. 
It was the Shortridge's purpose to tell the other side of GHB, the deadly side,  without putting down any safe, supervised, medical use of components in GHB that may hold promise for people suffering from narcolepsy and/or cataplexy. Therefore, they put this website together. And this site has saved lives, just read the comments.

We started Project GHB Inc. - a non-profit corporation. Some have written stating that the efforts of this website could be redirected in any number of other ways. And sure, they could have chosen to educate about the dangers of alcohol abuse, cigarettes, cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA), marijuana, or the dangers of taking OTC drugs carelessly. These are definitely areas of concern. However, as it is with most people, the Shortridges chose to teach others about what has hit them closest to home. This drug played a part in the death of their son - nothing hits closer to home than that! 
GHB - and the lack of education about it - has killed others, and its use currently threaten the lives of still more. Not to mention the fact that public education about tobacco, coke, E, and pot has already had a chance to get out there. There is more awareness about those. But GHB is a virtually unknown substance - even in the medical arena. Information is beginning to surface, but in general, most people have not heard about it.

From the Beginning...
At the time of Caleb Shortridge’s tragic death in April 1998, no websites provided accurate data about risks associated with use of GHB.
Known as 'www.ashesonthesea.com/ghb' originally, the website quickly became the premiere location for accurate information about the risks of overdose, sexual assault, addiction & death.

Today’s Project GHB...
Today www.ProjectGHB.org is a source of vital communication as more & more information about GHB comes to light. It now includes Ecstasy (MDMA) & Ketamine (Special K).

Project GHB is a memorial to lives lost & a voice for their loved ones & friends, it is a forum for other victims & their families of rape, overdose & addiction to share their stories and forewarn others. It is a force of prevention.

The information on this site is to help parents, teachers, friends & other loved ones recognize use of these drugs.