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Two Teams!

Suki de Jong (South Florida Team)

"I lost my son, Julius to a GHB-related death in Miami Beach in September of 2002. He was only twenty-four and a charismatic, loving soul. He was my only child and my soul mate. As a filmmaker and former high school teacher in Boynton Beach, I am producing a 45-minute documentary film to educate youth and parents about the dangers of GHB to be shown in the school systems; Drug Abuse Outreach Centers; Centralized Homeless coalitions, Outreach Centers for Battered Women and Children; Health and Family Services; Law Enforcement Agencies; Mental Health Organizations and Outreach Centers, and Medical Professionals ranging from General Practitioners to Psychiatrists/Psychotherapists. This will evolve into a one-hour program targeted to the General Public via Cable Public Service and Broadcast Programming.

During this process, I have become  increasingly knowledgeable concerning the widespread use of this drug, its ability to resurface in other areas, its incurable addictive quality and the suicides that often result from addiction.  It's an evil drug and I am fully behind Project GHB's campaign to end the hype and distribution of GHB and its analogs.

I live in West Palm Beach and would be happy to discuss any GHB-related issues, problems or tragedies with anyone.


Rebecca and Zak

Anyone in Florida (the state with sadly the most GHB deaths and addiction cases) interested in helping to make a difference can contact either Cathy or Rebecca and Zak. They can help get things going in your community, help set up training or whatever you are interested in doing. Rebecca was instrumental in setting up our first national GHB Conference in Orlando in May. Yes, Rebecca and Zak WERE Team Ohio, but have relocated to the Southern Florida.

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