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Timothy J. Maher—Email

Team Massachusetts is dedicated to furthering education about and research on GHB and its many precursors/analogs, especially GBL and 1,4 butanediol.  With the alarming increase in the illegal use of these agents alone, and in combination with many other drugs, both recreation and therapeutic, to produce chemical submission, euphoriant effects and purported anabolic effects, the public desperately needs to increase awareness of the dangers associated with these highly addictive and extremely dangerous drugs.  Additionally, clinicians need to be alert in identifying suspected cases of abuse to better treat and counsel their patients.  Dr. Timothy J. Maher, who is the Sawyer Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Professor of Pharmacology in Boston heads the “team” and is currently involved in the education of healthcare professional regarding recreational and “club” drugs.  He also continues to perform basic research into the neurochemical, behavioral and toxicological aspects of these agents with a goal of better understanding of their pharmacology, drug interactions, abuse potential and potential antidotes.  Please feel free to contact Team Massachusetts if you have any questions.

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