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Project GHB in New Jersey was started following an alarming increase in GHB related overdoses, addiction, suicides and drug-facilitated sexual assaults in the area. Reports of widespread abuse are surfacing from occasional recreational use to on-going bodybuilding usage with increasing incidents of inappropriate emergency room treatment following overdoses. 

We will be collaborating with Dr. Christopher D’Amanda of Philadelphia on several GHB awareness projects. Our immediate goal is to reach out to emergency rooms and addiction treatment facilities to better understand GHB, its treatment and devastating impact. We will also be launching a formal research study to assess recovery that will lead to a more accurate portrayal of the problem in this area.

We will gladly provide anyone with more information on in-service training for addiction facilities, as well as information on our efforts and getting help in the northeast.  Any information concerning GHB in this area is welcome.  Please contact Gwen for questions or to report GHB related incidents.

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