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Laura Sabien Andrews is a survivor of a drug-facilitated sexual assault.  She remained heavily involved with the entire process of her offender's prosecution.  Determined not to be his victim, she followed through with every aspect the judicial system has to offer.  From reporting the March of 2001 crime, to taking the stand as the state's witness, writing letters and speaking out to the Board of Pardons and the presiding Judge, Laura stayed focused that justice would prevail. Once her perpetrator was in prison, she sought damages in a civil court and was awarded almost half of a million dollars, though she has yet to find a way to collect it.  

February 3, 2003 I awoke after being asleep for approximately two days and decided to make my last sell and perhaps my last drug.  This had been intentioned for some time as every true friend and family member had alienated themselves from me, not for any bad deed but for what I was doing and what I represented.  I was an elite drug dealer if there is such a thing.  I travelled no street, saw no back alleys, didn't even drive my own car.  I had a driver for that.  Call it what you will but I was the trusted source for the party favors of the richest party folk in San Diego County.  From Los Angeles (the source) to La Jolla and the glorified gay neighborhoods of Hillcrest, San Diego Brandon aka Brandino, and his particular flavor came at a high price and a high cost.  I led a Studio 54 life....No doubt. 

Catherine Johnson is a senior detective assigned to the Sex Crime Section of the Special Victims Unit within the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, where drug-facilitated sexual assault has been a growing issue. She has taken a leadership role in promoting recognition of the drug rape issue. Detective Johnson graduated from Park University with honors, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  Detective Johnson has over eight years of law enforcement experience with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and has had over 400 hours of training in advanced police studies; specifically in sex crimes investigations and crisis intervention.  Detective Johnson is a Distinguished Fellow with the Missouri chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, a member of the Intimate Partner Violence Taskforce with Truman Medical Center, as well as the founder of MoSAVE (Missouri Sexual Assault Violence Education).

Roger F.Jadosz is a long-term friend of Project GHB and founder of Project GHB’s Team Rhode Island.  He has actively worked to increase public awareness of GHB abuse and other drugs by presenting workshops to high schools, colleges, medical personnel, counselors and others in the greater Southern New England area. Team RI has been supportive in GHB research and actively involved with dietary supplement use research. He has also begun researching Xyrem use by people diagnosed with narcolepsy. Roger’s background is in nursing, with formal training from Jacksonville University, Florida, Rhode Island College (BA Communications) University of Rhode Island (BS Nursing) and training with New England Medical Legal Consultants. Since 2000, he works at the University of Rhode Island, Health Services/Education Department, in Kingston, RI. Roger is involved in developing and implementing health promotion outreach programs for the campus community.  He oversees peer education programs, health interns and student employees. He conducts lectures and workshops on health topics, including the Designer Drug Awareness Project, which he started in 2000, and coordinates the American Heart Association CPR/First Aid classes.  He is also employed at the Phoenix House, Detox Unit in Exeter, RI where he works with alcohol, opiate and benzodiazepine addicts.      
Past experiences include nursing at Rhode Island Hospital (85-88), RI Department of Developmental Disabilities (88-00) and part time at the RI Department of Corrections (01-05).
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Dr. Karen Miotto is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Bio-behavioral Sciences at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and the Director of the UCLA Alcoholism and Addiction Medicine Service. She is frequently an invited speaker at national addiction meetings.  In addition, she has published many professional papers and book chapters on substance abuse and pain management for addictive diseases. Her current research is on treatments for medication development for the treatment of addiction. She is the recipient of a career development award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study treatment for GHB withdrawal.