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CONTACT: Mary Ellen Campobasso

My daughter was drugged with GHB at a graduation party in 1998, and by the grace of God my daughter survived. I spearheaded legislation in my state of Ohio and I am very willing to help educate and support the GHB awareness campaign. I know what it took to get my daughter's case recognized and know what its like first hand in addressing obstacles to justice. I am a successful community speaker and I am very willing to speak in school health classes; at youth groups and church groups; at community outreach organizations or any other community/business groups who are interested in listening and wanting more information about GHB, ecstasy, parents and providing alcohol at parties, and other substances that our kids are accessing.

I am also willing to lend a compassionate ear to parents who need someone to listen to them. I am willing to give any expert testimony and/or share information in helping prosecutors/trial lawyers pursue justice on behalf of victims and their families. I have education as a Master's prepared Clinical Nurse Specialist and have considerable experience in medical-nursing education and staff development and would be very willing to address such topics as rape, domestic violence, addiction behaviors, reckless adolescent behaviors and of course, GHB, ecstasy, ketamine and other substances that young people are getting into. Bottom line, is that I am willing to help stimulate and pursue community awareness to the best of my ability and help empower victims and their families and help our community protect our young folk.

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