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Let’s talk about drug-facilitated sexual assault

But I was at a party of friends...or on a cruise where everyone was there to just have fun... or on a date with a “nice” person or... We want to assume that we are in a safe environment. But even “friends” can be dangerous and among “friends” there are often “friends of friends” and even strangers who slip in. Certainly a party in an open bar is NOT a closed environment. While all may be there to have a good time, some people have a very different idea of “fun.” Sometimes in life, sadly, it is those we trust who hurt us most. So that buddy you consider a best friend who would really like to be more than your friend could decide to have a sexual relationship with you the hard way---drug rape. And, there have been cases of boyfriends or husbands drugging women to let others have sex with them. Twisted indeed, but a reality for some.

But I’m 55 (or 15 or 75 or...) I’m not someone going out to parties and acting wild. Drug rape can happen to anyone of any age in any environment, from a private home to a party to a cruise or even in a hospital

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If a woman suspects a drug — such as GHB or Rohypnol — was used in an assault, it is important to get tested for it within four to eight hours, 12 hours for urine tests. It leaves the system very rapidly.

A recent study by Glamour Magazine showed that 91% Of Female College Students Who Were Acquaintance Raped Did Not Report It To The Police!

RAINN Hotline - 1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673)
The Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network will automatically transfer you to the rape crisis center nearest you, anywhere in the nation.

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You are you own first line of defense against drug-facilitated sexual assault (or other drugging related crimes).  Make careful choices about who you meet, where you hang out, where you sit down your drink, etc.  You should be able to enjoy life, but never forget that evil does lurk out there.  Take reasonable precautions.  There is no 100 percent guarantee of safety.  Please remember this:

If it DOES happen to you, respond immediately by going to the nearest police station or hospital and DEMAND a urine sample be taken and retained for evidence.  It is sometimes hard to get the proper attention, the proper testing done, etc., but FIGHT for it.

If you can’t prevent it, pursue justice!