GHB Testing

The GHB Testing Dilemma

On September 24, 2003 a reader writes:

Why is it that after so many years of GHB information and sorrow stories your company has provided, you still do not list ONE company trying to fight the epidemic with you? At this date, there are at least 3 different companies that make a date rape drug deterrent, why don't you mention them on your site, or have any links to theirs? I personally have tried to no avail. Selling Krispy Creme instead of a ghb detectors to raise funds? Why not allow us to help you, help us, etc. Isn't it about the public? Protecting the potential victims? Why such a tremendous communication gap in our efforts? Can't we all work together? What would it take for us all join forces and stop this horrific "club drug"; that has already claimed your children and loved ones? What could be the main reason you won't provide protection information to the suffering statistics in this country & around the world? What has to be done by us, rape preventers ourselves, to get you to recognize our own efforts in the same fight you are fighting? Please be specific so we can join forces and stop GHB for good!


It is my heartfelt and expert opinion that there is no test kit for GHB that is adequate to endorse and in fact the products currently on the market give a false sense of security that I personally cannot support. The problem is that there are more than 36 drugs used to facilitate sexual assault. Having a test kit that addresses only one or two of them is meaningless. This is particularly true since these test products do NOT even adequately address GHB. There is no field test kit for GHB for law enforcement that addresses the analogs of GHB and yet the analogs are about two-thirds of what we see.

Generally speaking, when I say "GHB" I mean all forms of GHB and that includes the analogs. There is no point in distinguishing between them in terms of dosing. This testing problem makes tackling GHB very difficult for law enforcement. Your website doesn't seem to mention GHB analogs and doesn't tell potential customers that it doesn't react to the analogs. The drink test coasters on the market are supposed to react to GHB and ketamine, but again, do NOT identify the analogs. The coasters don't work with milk-based drinks, with dark liquids, etc., and don't work for GHB analogs or the other 34+ drugs typically used. Ketamine isn't often used in rapes and when it is involved, may more likely have been taken voluntarily by a victim who is then abused while in a disoriented state. The two primary analogs of GHB (GBL and BD) convert to GHB in the human body. No matter which of the three you are given, you will urinate GHB. So, how does it help for someone to test their drink (and thus believe it is free of GHB) and get raped anyway because the substance in the drink was GBL or BD??? Or it contained one of the dozens of other drugs used??????? I see no benefit whatsoever!!! No matter how well-intentioned the creators were, the concept doesn't work well enough to use!!! I have therefore personally avoided any impression of endorsing these products. In fact, some of the pushers of these three products have been far less than professional (one even quite profane) in their efforts to DEMAND endorsement.

It is far better to simply educate re being careful:

  • protecting one's drink

  • don't take drinks from strangers

  • don't leave drinks unattended

  • if in doubt--throw it out

  • beware even of bartenders who have on occasion been the culprit dosing drinks with GHB, etc.

  • Give out coasters that say to beware and watch their drinks.

  • Put the darned coaster on top of the glass so the culprit would at least have to move it to dose it!!!!!

I simply don't see the benefit of the test products that do so little and leave a false impression that the drink is now "safe." It isn't.