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Buck Reed 


Buck Reed has expertise in medical services and psychostimulants plus drink spiking, Ecstasy, GHB, and the club/party/rave scene in Australia. He works closely with various organizations to investigate and track trends in Australian party drug use. He is also involved in a number of research groups and researchers involved with looking at models for providing acute emergency care in the field to party drug overdoses. Reed lectures in a variety of arenas on party drug issues.

GHB abuse has been a persistent issue in countries beyond the United States, including Australia.  In the late 90s, a teen club on the Gold Coast experienced a mass overdose of ten individuals with at least four being in critical condition.  Numerous GHB addiction cases have come forward to Project GHB from here and yet, like in most countries, knowledge and response to the severe withdrawal syndrome from GHB addiction is very limited.  Drug-facilitated sexual assault, with GHB and/or other drugs employed as the weapon of choice, has also been a growing concern in Australia.  Team Australia will work to increase public awareness, address prevention and improve medical/legal response to GHB sexual assaults, overdoses and addiction cases.  Anyone seeking help or wanting to get involved with Team efforts is encouraged to contact Team Australia.

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