Brandon Bennett

February 3, 2003 I awoke after being asleep for approximately two days and decided to make my last sell and perhaps my last drug.  This had been intentioned for some time as every true friend and family member had alienated themselves from me, not for any bad deed but for what I was doing and what I represented.  I was an elite drug dealer if there is such a thing.  I travelled no street, saw no back alleys, didn't even drive my own car.  I had a driver for that.  Call it what you will but I was the trusted source for the party favors of the richest party folk in San Diego County.  From Los Angeles (the source) to La Jolla and the glorified gay neighborhoods of Hillcrest, San Diego Brandon aka Brandino, and his particular flavor came at a high price and a high cost.  I led a Studio 54 life....No doubt. 

None the less, I knew it was time for me to wrap this chapter up.  I was 120 lbs, 30 years old, and the lines were beginning to show.  I did not want nor could I stay in the model crowd of the forever popular "twink" barely 20 something crowd.  I knew internally that my body would fail someday if not soon enough.  I had already overdosed more times than I could count on two hands.  Falling out from GHB was a typical and daily occurrence.  Drugs started out as fun, everyone liked me, I liked everyone.  At the end, I had enemies, I was bitter, and the only thing I held onto was the illusion of social power.  I had become a shallow, cunning, quick witted, and very angry person.  I had sober moments that reminded me that I had become a whore to drugs and to the people I served.  I used to be an intelligent, dignified, respectful, and honored human being.  How fast things turn on their head when you become ADDICTED.