Jarhett Cody Wagner

Jarhett Cody Wagner


        I want you to know my son. He would have turned 22 years old Dec 9 2004. Instead we buried him Jan. 21, 2004. He had just turned 21. He had gone to LA with his brother to the College of Oceaneering to be a commercial diver. He had never been much of a student and I had to fight tooth and nail to get him to take his GED test and pass it. But he did. He was a north Florida country boy and so proud of his country ways and family. He was a hard drinker and a great partier. His friends on both coasts loved him for his ability to have fun no matter what the circumstances. He was a proud American boy and a dedicated Florida State Football fan. He loved basketball and even started a team at the college of oceaneering.

        The certificate to be a commercial diver allowed him to earn a great deal of money doing something he loved. However, he was young and wild and when he and his brother would come back to land from the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico they would 'party like rock stars'.

        The last party he went to he was drinking and doing who knows what, including GHB.
        When he passed out the other guests just threw him and his brother on a bed to sleep it off. The next morning his brother woke up next to him. He is an EMT for the commercial diving company and realized that the faint pulse and blood dripping from his brother's mouth was bad news. He tried CPR until he called me up and said "Mama, J.....'s dead. He's not breathing and I don't know what to do. What do I do? Mama, J....'s dead."

        It's been a year now. Writing this is bringing back all the tears and sadness and pain. I am weeping again. I miss my son. His brother and sisters miss him. His family and friends miss him.

        If you are considering doing GHB, remember, his plan was not to die and cause so much grief. He would have been horrified to know he hurt his mother so. There is no future. There will be no wife or grandbabies for me to love and hold. There will be no more pictures of my son or letters from him for phone calls or laughter or tears. There is nothing but death. GHB is death. Please, find some other way to have fun. My son died thinking he was having fun with GHB.

...............Michelle Wagner