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Laura Sabien Andrews is a survivor of a drug-facilitated sexual assault.  She remained heavily involved with the entire process of her offender's prosecution.  Determined not to be his victim, she followed through with every aspect the judicial system has to offer.  From reporting the March of 2001 crime, to taking the stand as the state's witness, writing letters and speaking out to the Board of Pardons and the presiding Judge, Laura stayed focused that justice would prevail. Once her perpetrator was in prison, she sought damages in a civil court and was awarded almost half of a million dollars, though she has yet to find a way to collect it.  

Her involvement did not stop with her own sexual assault.  Laura was interviewed as part of a documentary about GHB and other drugs used in sex crimes.  The events of her assault were reenacted on film.  She openly presented her story at the International GHB conference.  Her assault made public awareness when her story made the cover of Utah's own City Weekly. 
Laura has raised 3 daughters as a single mother.  She did her best to prepare them for "real life."  Never did she prepare herself for being a victim of a sex crime. 
Laura is currently working on a handbook for victims and their supporters to guide them through their journey of justice. She would like to see a more hands on interactive support team available to be there for the victim.  Not just on day one, but throughout the entire process.  This would ensure justice for the victim and turn them into survivors.  This also could make a serious impact on sentencing criteria, plea bargaining that often sends sex offenders right back into society and, last but not least, more victim follow-through to the end.  It's tough, but it's time.  Past time. She is also hoping to make noise in and about Salt Lake City, UT about GHB and the horrific affects it can have. The day after the crime Laura called the Rape Crisis Center with questions about GHB. The crisis line counselor knew nothing about GHB.  Do they today?
Laura has donated time and energy to Youth Empowerment Service of Utah, the Girl Scouts of America and a host of school fund raisers and activities.  She has a management background specializing in fine dining and currently owns a small home-cooked food business as well as an executive housekeeping service.
 Although the crime took place in 2001, it is never far from her mind.  Today, she tells her story with humor and wit.  Laura recently married her best friend of seven years and her daughters are all out of college and well on their way in "real life." 
"Trinka Porrata and Project GHB have been and remain a rock for me.  The support, the information, the energy, and the countless correspondence saving me from despair and hopelessness has been a life saver to say the least.  It's time to give back!"