Suki deJong

Suki has been the South Florida team leader for Project GHB since 2003 . She became involved with Project GHB after the DEA referred her to Trinka Porrata in response to her inquiries to the agency about the drug that caused the demise of her only child, Julius Samuel deJong. Julius passed away on Sept. 9, 2002 from an accidental drug overdose in a Miami apartment. He had been using GHB for a year, and although other drugs were involved, all his friends said it was the "G" that did it.

As a filmmaker, it became her mission to investigate her son's death. When it became clear to her through interviews with his friends and others that GHB was indeed addicting and lethal and her son had been taking it as a bodybuilding supplement and as an alcohol substitute in Miami clubs prior to his death, it became obvious to her that he was addicted to GHB, but probably didn't know it. She wanted to educate other young adults and parents about this insidious drug by producing a documentary film concerning the lethal and addictive qualities of GHB. She has now completed the film, ALL APOLOGIES, currently making the film festival circuit.  ALL APOLOGIES recently won Best Documentary, Public Service Award at the Delray Film Festival, 2008.  The 21-minute documentary is looking for a distribution contract for schools and rehab centers, as well as in the foreign film market.

"I hope to make a positive contribution to Project GHB by the release of the film, ALL APOLOGIES. It's a story that desperately needs to be told, as GHB continues to be "the silent drug".   20% of the sales of the film sold through Project GHB, is donated to Project GHB.

Suki deJong, Project GHB
West Palm Beach, FL