Those Who Have Died

More than 16,000 adverse reaction to GHB are documented. More than 72 deaths have been deemed GHB related by the DEA (230 more are known), perhaps  just a tip of the iceberg since routine testing does not detect it. Deaths include a college student who took it as a "safe" sleep aid and died in his sleep. A 15 year- old in California's high desert who gulped GHB at a RAVE died. A 32 year-old male in Atlanta died from GHB only. A body builder in Ohio died, with only alcohol and GHB use. A 15 year-old female in Michigan died from GHB/GBL use. Death is even more likely when alcohol or other drugs are added. Visit our memorial pages to lost loved ones.

Some would have lived IF their friends had called for help.

If you wish to leave memorial comments about a loved one who has died because of GHB, you may complete the report a tragedy form or email comments directly to