Bad Child of the Internet

The call it "carpeting out" when someone on GHB is dancing happily into the night, only to collapse in a heap and "hit the carpet" heading for a fit of vomiting, twitching and unarousable coma. GHB is a degreasing solvent (floor stripper) mixed with drain cleaner, and is a central nervous system depressant, with dangerous side effects. It is NOT a safe and fun drug as claimed on the internet. Unfortunately, there is no validation process to protect you from false claims on the internet. People have unknowingly taken GHB as a sleep aid, sexual stimulant or simply recreational drug of abuse only to find themselves in intensive care in the hospital. Or, long term to find themselves addicted to GHB. GHB gives a rapid onset of intoxication, comparable with alcohol but with a euphoric high and out-of-body experience. It often cause vomiting and muscle jerking. Breathing may slow to only six breaths per minute. Pulse/blood pressure will probably slow, or may increase. While most people do sleep off a GHB overdose, some will die without medical intervention.

A GHB overdose IS a medical emergency.

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