James Michael Chaney

James Michael Chaney

In Memory of James

When we think of you,
so much comes to mind,
your sense of humor,thoughtfulness
and charm so hard to find.

You never met a stranger,
Only friends came your way.
You always helped those in need,
and did so day after day.

Putting others first is what you would do,
showing care and kindness so typical of you.
Your love and pride for your sons,everyone could see,
and their love for you was returned equally.

Strolling along the beach,
with your camera close at hand,
getting the perfect sunset
as you walked across the sand.

At the end of the day
when all is said and done,
People made a difference
Or they made none.

You touched so many lives,
that we know is true,
Ours were so much better
for the time we spent with you.

We love you and miss you
more than words can ever say,
and we know that our memories
No one can take away.

Thanks for the "Pennies from Heaven" and Rest in Peace!!

James Michael Chaney
Sunrise December 17,1973