Diane Bianconi

Ben's Mom

Email: diane_bianconi@yahoo.com

"I became involved with Project GHB approximately one year before the death of my son, Benjamin Croman. At that time it was "Ashes on the Sea." I desperately needed help as my son was heavily addicted and  close to death. I needed information to help him and to become educated myself and have since worked to save others from the same fate.” Ultimately, unfortunately, Ben did lose his battle (his story is told on our tragedies page).

Ben had been one of the first to speak to the news media in an effort to bring attention to this “silent” deadly drug.   Diane, a mother and a grandmother, has long been active in the public eye, from business efforts to volunteering to help with worthy causes.  She has been an auctioneer, a business manager, property manager and served as the communications manager for the Santa Cruz Red Cross for four years.  Her auctioneering and consulting efforts have benefitted groups such as the Santa Cruz Cancer Benefit Group, Fallen Officer Foundation, Jacob’s Heart, Terra Redwood School and the Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce.