Benjamin James (Bianconi) Croman

Benjamin James (Bianconi) Croman




Sunrise: October 9, 1973
Sunset: September 1, 2000
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Ben was born in San Jose, Ca and raised in Santa Cruz, Ca. and lived his most recent years in Auburn, California. Ben loved playing Baseball & Golf with his family & friends. Ben was also one of the owners of the Waterfront Warehouse Building in Downtown Stockton.











Ben's Poetry & Writings

Dated 12/5/99:When I was growing I wanted it all, not yet knowing that I would fall.Through all the years and all my fears I still can't help to shed a tear. I must not forget the misery and pain, for without them there would be nothing left to gain. Now I realize the wreckage of my past, I may only hope there feelings will not last. Staring through the Ocean at the dawn, I stop and think I must move on. My spiritual journey must begin, I beg of him to help me win. Time to Cut my anchor and set a sail knowing in my heart I will not fail 

By Ben Croman 
he signed it; it was dated 12/5/99.