I live in Southern California; Jackie lived in Massachusetts with her sons. I’ll never forget the day I was told of her death. I have four daughters, she was the third. She stayed behind in Massachusetts where her son’s father lived while her sisters and I moved to California.

Jackie was a bright and loving child, struggling as a single mom. In kindergarten, her teacher had nicknames for her such as “Helpful Henrietta” and “Chatty Kathy.” When she was done with her work she would go help the other children. When her two older sisters were in school, if I bought her something, she would tell me to also get something for her sisters; she was always so thoughtful. Everyone loved Jackie. I was known as Jackie’s Mom to everyone because she was so friendly. Jackie was one of four children that together were a whole; and now there is a beloved piece to that picture that is missing. I hadn’t seen Jackie for a couple of years because of the distance, but even after four years I still find myself thinking that she’s going to call out of the blue like she always did.

Jackie’s Dad died three months prior and all the girls went to Montana for the funeral. I have a picture of all of them together and am grateful for that. Jackie had a tough time dealing with her Dad’s death and had to take anti-depressants. She was alone - 3000 miles away from her family. That took a heavy toll on her. When Jackie was ready to go out again, she did so with a close friend. They had a few drinks and returned to the home of one friend who had gone to school with her.

I’ll never know whether she took GHB willingly or not. She passed out, was snoring loudly, eyes rolling in her head and they could not wake her. THEY LEFT HER TO SLEEP IT OFF!!!!!. SHE NEVER WOKE UP!!! The main cause of her death was GHB, with alcohol and Prozac also found in her system.

Jackie has 3 beautiful boys that are left with only a memory.

We love and miss you so much.



Jackie - Still Remembered...

This is Giz......Jackie and I were close friends for many years....I have many pictures of her and still thank about her. I saw Craig a couple of years ago. He has grown into a fine young man serving in the Navy....I'm sure that she is proud of him.....!!