Team Texas

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  • Beverly Williams & Nancy McCutcheon
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Team Texas is committed to the education and awareness of the evils of  GHB and other predator - designer drugs. Project GHB / Team Texas has a mission to network state agencies together to help victims and their families devastated by GHB related crimes, death and addiction. We hope to raise awareness on addiction, medical treatment centers and recovery, to educate law enforcement, law makers, medical communities, restaurant & bar owners, bus and cab drivers, and the public on the evils of GHB and other related drugs through printed information, free lectures and educational presentations.

Through awareness we hope to reach out to help release the stigma and misconceptions associated with drug facilitated rape, to provide an outlet for help, understanding and compassion for victims of rape, robbery, DWI, sabotage, addiction and death.

These are the drugs of the 21st Century and Texas needs to know the facts.

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