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Project GHB is a unique source of vital communication about the dangerous drug gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB). Information is available here about GHB overdose; GHB-related deaths; drug-facilitated sexual assault involving GHB or other drugs; GHB addiction and withdrawal; GHB in DUI cases, and GHB as a medication (Xyrem). This site also includes information about other drug abuse issues, such as Ecstasy (MDMA) & Ketamine (Special K), and a special section on Prescription and Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.
Project GHB is also a forum for rape, overdose & addiction victims & their families, to share their stories and forewarn others. Project GHB has been at the forefront of GHB issues and works with the top researchers, medical experts, prevention groups and legislative agencies and has now published the first and only book about GHB’s severe addiction potential and potentially fatal withdrawal syndrome.

“G’d Up 24/7: The GHB Addiction Guide” is a tribute to those we have been able to help as well as those we were unable to save, and represents a dedicated effort on our part to prevent further addictions and deaths from GHB addiction and withdrawal. 


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Invisible Addiction & G'd Up 24/7


Consider buying both “INVISIBLE ADDICTION” and our book, “G’d Up 24/7: The GHB Addiction Guide,” for $45, and donating the combo to a local medical library, treatment center, etc.  

Invisible Addiction Presentation Materials


 Invisible Addiction is a public awareness presentation regarding GHB addiction and the difficult and prolonged withdrawal syndrome involved.  So many addicts struggle to find informed medical detox help.  It’s a very troubling and frustrating situation since so few treatment centers or ERs know about GHB addiction.  This presentation was initiated when a GHB addict said he wanted to tell his story to promote awareness but needed a place to start.  

Let me know if I can help

I am here to help anyone help that needs help with their addiction or family support Diane

Does ghb cause permanent memory loss and adversely affect the ability to remember everyday things later?

Chronic GHB abuse has indeed adversely affected memory, ability to enjoy life, ability to cope with anxiety and stress.  For some the aftermath of GHB addiction can result in a few weeks or months of such effects.  For others the adverse effects have lasted much longer and perhaps for some they are permanent.  This is based on the experience we've had with far more than 3,000 GHB addiction cases.  GHB overdoses can potentially also have lasting adverse effects, depending on the amount of oxygen deprivation and other specific events during the overdose.

Drug ID & Symptoms Guide


by Law Tech Publishing
edited by Trinka Porrata

This is a totally updated and expanded version of Law Tech’s well-established guide. 

All proceeds go to Project GHB
Discounts available for large orders.



Numerous victims of drug-facilitated sexual assault have asked how they can get started with making public awareness presentations.  This power point presentation was designed for them, as a basis of information to work from, weaving in their own story as they see fit.  It is equally usable for counselors, medical personnel, law enforcement officers to use to promote awareness.  And they too can weave in their own experiences with DFSA cases, etc.  This is a great way to stress to potential victims that while trying to prevent rape is crucial, if it does happen the key to successfully ending the rapist’s reign of terror is to immediately get to a hospital and the police so that evidence can be collected.

This item is available for automatic download upon completion of purchase.

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

DFSA :  Growing Concern But Training Sadly Lacking

By Trinka Porrata

[DFSA = Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault]

Unfortunately, it has been impossible to educate the media to stop saying “date rape drug” in reference to GHB, flunitrazepam (roofies, trade name Rohypnol) and other drugs used as weapons of sexual assault.  There is “drug-facilitated sexual assault.”  And, there is “acquaintance rape.”  And, sometimes there is a cross over, and we have a “drug-facilitated acquaintance rape.”  

It isn’t about a date.  It’s about using a drug to incapacitate a victim in order to sexual assault her (or him) or at least to deny her (or him) the ability to give or withhold consent. 

Get Help

Project GHB wants to make sure you are able to get the help you need.

Search for facilities with experience dealing with GHB addiction and withdrawal.

Are you or someone you know addicted to GHB. Fill out and submit the addiction questionnaire and one of our experienced counselors will contact you.

Those Who Have Died

More than 16,000 adverse reaction to GHB are documented. More than 72 deaths have been deemed GHB related by the DEA (230 more are known), perhaps  just a tip of the iceberg since routine testing does not detect it. Deaths include a college student who took it as a "safe" sleep aid and died in his sleep. A 15 year- old in California's high desert who gulped GHB at a RAVE died. A 32 year-old male in Atlanta died from GHB only. A body builder in Ohio died, with only alcohol and GHB use. A 15 year-old female in Michigan died from GHB/GBL use. Death is even more likely when alcohol or other drugs are added. Visit our memorial pages to lost loved ones.

Some would have lived IF their friends had called for help.

If you wish to leave memorial comments about a loved one who has died because of GHB, you may complete the report a tragedy form or email comments directly to

Bad Child of the Internet

The call it "carpeting out" when someone on GHB is dancing happily into the night, only to collapse in a heap and "hit the carpet" heading for a fit of vomiting, twitching and unarousable coma. GHB is a degreasing solvent (floor stripper) mixed with drain cleaner, and is a central nervous system depressant, with dangerous side effects. It is NOT a safe and fun drug as claimed on the internet. Unfortunately, there is no validation process to protect you from false claims on the internet. People have unknowingly taken GHB as a sleep aid, sexual stimulant or simply recreational drug of abuse only to find themselves in intensive care in the hospital. Or, long term to find themselves addicted to GHB. GHB gives a rapid onset of intoxication, comparable with alcohol but with a euphoric high and out-of-body experience. It often cause vomiting and muscle jerking. Breathing may slow to only six breaths per minute. Pulse/blood pressure will probably slow, or may increase. While most people do sleep off a GHB overdose, some will die without medical intervention.

A GHB overdose IS a medical emergency.

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